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Commercial & Industrial Construction services

With years of experience on the job and a crew that is well-versed in the art of structural building and design, we're confident we can handle all your building needs with efficiency and ease. Something that also sets us a part is our emphasis on honest work and customer service. Unlike other developers, you wont have to wait for weeks or even a day to hear back on a quote. Owner Noel Moreland gets back with his clients on the spot.

New Construction

If you're a commercial owner seeking to build a new pharmacy, clinic or office from the ground-up, we're here for you. For industrial clients, we're here for you, too. We can build magnificent factories, warehouses and any large scale structure you need!


For clients with existing commercial or industrial business fronts, we can help you expand and re-design the elements of your building to better suit the needs of your company. We can include any sleek additions you may need as well.

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Our Professional Services


Our excavation specialists will be on site from day one to provide any excavation services you require. We have the know-how and equipment to remove and haul dirt and other materials on a massive scale---all while maintaining precision and accuracy on each project.

site development

We are a part of every phase of site development; from the planning down to the final touches. We're well-versed in drafting permits, blueprints and adhering to all necessary zoning laws. We work with our team of experts and clients to develop foundations, design elements and all the hardware of your building such as sewage systems, pipe work and more.

Concrete work

Nearly any building structure utilizes concrete and this just happens to be an area we are particularly proficient in. In fact, we work with our own in-house concrete facility and we evaluate the costs of concrete each year to ensure that our clients always get the best rates.

steel work

As a turn-key construction company, steel is a material we master. In fact, we are licensed by Nucor---the largest producer of steel in the nation. We specialize in pre-engineered metal buildings. Parts are custom ordered for each job and delivered ready-made on site. Every design we build can be tailored to your unique requests.

Office Finishing

The mechanics and large-scale construction is not our only area of expertise; we also specialize in providing custom finishes for buildings to add functional and aesthetic appeal.


As one of the crucial elements of any building structure, we pride ourselves on providing masterful roofing services. We can install nearly any type of roof you need including single-ply roofs.